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Picture Product Price
Bank of Japan 1 Yen (Daikoku) from JAPAN $198.00
JAPAN 10,000 10000 YEN P 94 B AU-UNC $174.99
Japan U.S. Military Occupation Currency 20 Yen 1945 A16621215A $8.50
WW2 Japan Japon 1944(Showa 19), 16th War bond 15Yen WWII,Great East Asia WAR $49.98
WW2 Japan Japo1942(Showa 17),6th War bond 10Yen WWII,Great East Asian WAR 094164 $39.98
WW2 Japan 1941(Showa 16),11th War bond 5Yen WWII,Second Sino-Japanese WAR 081220 $39.98
WW2 Japan 1942(Showa 17),6th War bond 5Yen WWII,The Greater East Asian WAR 02281 $39.98
Japan 10 Yen Note 1945 XF + Comes W/free SH to US C1353 $59.95
"SCARCE" 1945 Japan 5 Yen Note $22.95
Japanese Notes, 10 Yen and Two 5 Yen Notes, War or Pre-war Vintage? Nice! ESTATE $20.00
Japanese Nippon Ginco 1 Yen ND 1916 Convertable Silver Note, Western Serial No. $15.00
old japanese paper money 100 pcs bundle (A)10 JEON VG,F+ $135.00
old japanese paper money 50pcs bundle 1 won VG,F+++ $135.00
Vintage Japanese Note Circa 1960's ? Crisp Uncirculated Condition~~ Buy it NOW! $9.95
Three The Japanese Government Ten Pesos notes PD & PE series Occupied Japan $5.25
Two Japanese Peso Bills, 1 Peso & 5 Peso, WWII Occupation $3.99
JAPAN - Allied Military (1945-51) WW.11 Issue. 20 YEN.. 'B' underprint.. aU-UNC $74.36
Japanese 5000 Yen Nippon Ginko - Excellent Crisp & Smooth $99.00
Japan 20 Yen Banknote 1931 Very Fine Condition Cat#41-5785"Only 1 on Ebay"Scarce $150.00
1 world foreign banknote currency lot JAPAN 500 yen 1969 P95 Iwakura Mt. Fuji $6.99
Japan 50 Sen 1948 UNC P. 61, Banknotes, Uncirculated $5.25
Japan 10 Yen 1945 F-VF P. 77 , Banknotes, Circulated $33.50
Japan 1 Yen ND P-66 VFEF $12.50
5 Rupees Banknote, 1942-1944 Japanese Government In Burma UNC Series BB $3.99
WWII - Japanese Goverment Currency - FIFTY CENTAVOS $5.00
The Japanese Government Ten Centavos Occupation Note Good Condition! $2.99
The Japanese Government Five Pesos Occupation Note Good Condition! $2.99
JAPAN 2 SEN 1877 (Meiji 10) - SQUARE-SCALES , GENUINE $105.00
WWII - Japanese Government Currency - FIVE RUPEES $3.00
WWII - Japanese Government Currency - TEN DOLLARS $5.00
WWII - Japanese Government Currency - ONE RUPEE $3.00
WWII - Japanese Goverment Currency - TEN CENTAVOS $3.00
Old Paper Money _ Japan _ Used $4.00
Japan Banknote "2000Yen bill" UNC condition $28.50
Ww2 era the Japanese government Five Centavos. $3.99
The japanese government Ten pesos. WW2 era $5.99
1950 Japan 1000 Yen Great Condition VERY RARE $25.00
20 YEN JAPAN 1931 VERY GOOD $29.00
Japan 10000 Yen 1957- Shotoku Taishi UNC Japanese Currency Bill Note Free Ship $159.00
Japan 100 Yen Mount Fuji Iwakura UNC Banknote World Currency 1969 Crisp no fold $4.50
Japanese Government One, Five, Ten and Fifty Centavos WWII Invasion Money Lot $5.99
WW II Japan 1 dollar $1.90
Japan..... Lot of 2 Very Old Bonds/Debentures...probably War Bonds, from 1919. $27.40
Japan 5 Sen 1944 at Banknote WW2 1944 Masashige Kusunoki楠木正成 $6.54
Old Paper Money _ Japan _ Used $3.00
Japan 1942 PK One Centavo Japanese Government WWII Era Green currency note $2.49
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